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    Kurilpa offers a Qld Gov Kindergarten approved program
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Fees & Admin

Attendance Fees
Room Age range Daily fee *
NURSERY 6 weeks – 2 years $101.00
TODDLER 2 – 3 years $100.00
JUNIOR KINDERGARTEN 3 – 4 years $95.00
KINDERGARTEN 4 – 5 years $94.50
* Fees effective: 12/01/2018 less any CCB or CCR if applicable

The fee includes healthy morning teas, lunches and afternoon teas, your child’s portfolio, sunscreen and fully-qualified teachers.

Fees are to be paid weekly and two weeks in advance. Failure to do so will result in your child’s enrolment being in jeopardy. Each week we ask you to pay fees for the current week on the first day of attendance in the week. Fee payments continue during your child’s absence due to illness, annual holidays and public holidays or for any other reason, except for the two weeks over Christmas and New Year when the Centre is closed. Fees can be paid by cash or cheque at the office or by direct deposit into Kurilpa’s bank account. Fee statements are emailed on a weekly basis. Please contact the office for more information and to ensure your details are current.

Enrolment Deposit

To confirm your acceptance of a position, an enrolment deposit of $100 is payable ($50 for siblings). When you decide to leave Kurilpa, you need to give two weeks’ notice. Your deposit will be refunded at this time, however if two weeks’ notice is not provided your enrolment deposit will be forfeited. The two weeks’ notice does not include the two weeks the centre is closed over Christmas and New Year.

Hours and Attendance

Kurilpa is open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 5.45pm. We close on public holidays and for two weeks over the Christmas/New Year period. Children attend the same days each week, however if you require additional days please make a request to the Director the week prior.

On your attendance day, you are able to use whatever hours are suitable to you within our opening hours, however we recommend your child is in attendance by 9.00am to gain full benefit from the program. If your child will be coming late please ring and let the team know. Also let the team know beforehand if your child is going to be away or call the centre on the day. This helps with catering, organising events and staffing.

For the Kindergarten program, children are required to attend a minimum of two days per week and to attend from 9.00am on each day of attendance.

Late Fee

Our team finish their working day at 5.45 pm therefore we ask you be here to pick your child up by 5.40 pm. To cover the cost of staff overtime, a late fee will be imposed if you are in the centre later than 5.45 pm. Your child’s position at the centre is in jeopardy if you are late after a third time. If you are going to be later than your usual pick up time, please phone to advise the team so they can reassure your child.

Arrivals and Departures

All children must be accompanied to and from the centre by a parent or an authorised person. Team members will only release your child to persons you have nominated on the enrolment form or have given permission to in writing. This person will be required to show identification if the team member on at the time does not know them.

On Arrival

  • Put away your child’s belongings in the appropriate places.
  • Take your child to their room or playground and settle your child.
  • Please inform a team member before you leave.
  • Tell the team member what time you will be collecting your child.
  • Always say goodbye to your child.
  • Sign in (time, signature & contact phone number) using the folder for your child’s room.
  • Please check the noticeboard for notices and your child’s communication pocket for information.

On Departure

  • Ensure a team member knows you are taking your child.
  • Check your communication pocket.
  • Sign out using one of the iPads in the foyer.

Signing in and out is a requirement for accessing Child Care Benefit and to meet the requirements of the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations 2011.


If your family receives Child Care Benefit (CCB), you are limited to the number of absent days your child can have at the centre and still receive CCB. Please visit the Department of Human Services website for current information about CCB:

We ask that medical certificates be supplied wherever possible for absences due to illness, so that these can be kept on file for future CCB reference.

Important Information – Notification of Changes

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform the Director or team if:

  • someone different is picking up your child –  this needs to be in writing;
  • your child is sick or going on holidays;
  • custody access arrangements have changed;
  • your home or work address or phone numbers have changed;
  • your CCB percentage rates or eligible hours change;
  • if your child has siblings attending OSHC care or if your child is attending another centre;
  • your emergency contacts or persons authorised to collect your child have changed.

Forms are available on the shelf in the sign-in area to provide us with your new details.  Please place them in the communication box or speak to a team member directly.

Parents’ Concerns

It is always preferable to first discuss any concerns or issues you may have in relation to your child, with the team in your child’s room. Should the matter remain unresolved, the Director will then assist in any further discussions. If required, the Management Committee as Approved Provider of the Centre may mediate in order to help resolve any disputes. If your issues are in relation to the running of the centre, these should first be raised with the Director.