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Being Green

Toddler - Being green

During the months of July – October, the Toddler’s learning project was “BEING GREEN.” This was quite a broad spectrum to fill, but the Toddler’s interest and curiosity saw it take many twists and turns covering a range of subjects!

We made a great vegetable garden, growing our own produce and producing baked goods that we shared with our Kurilpa community. We discovered the natural wonders within our yard including birdlife and insects. We looked up to the sky above and discovered clouds and the variety of types they come in. We gained a sense of community, visiting the Lyon’s Park community garden. We challenged our bodies physically in our environment, discovering what our bodies could do and achieve in our natural play spaces.

A reflection on all the Toddler’s have discovered can be viewed here.

Toddler - Home grown

Toddler – Home grown