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News from Junior Kindy

Junior Kindy - watering the new garden

The children have begun the year brimming with excitement and energy, thrilled at being in the “big kids end” and many asking their parents to now refer to Kurilpa as “junior kindy”. Their energy is infused in everything they do, whether it be during dramatic play, singing, building, climbing or collaborating as a group. The children that have come to us from the toddler room are very accepting and encouraging, often sprouting phrases like “you can do it”, “of course you can play with us” and “let’s try again”. This has made for a smooth transition for the children who are just joining us, allowing them to feel welcome and embraced right from the beginning.

We have found that the children are eager for a challenge and their enthusiasm can be channelled into complex cognitive tasks such as patterning – extending and creating, rhythm, positional language tasks (can you place the yellow square beside the red triangle?), puzzles and reflection on their day.

The group discussions are steadily gaining focus and the children are taking increasing ownership of their day and what they would like to work toward. As the year progresses, these will become deeper and richer, incorporating some higher order thinking such as analysing, critically reflecting, problem-solving, sequencing as well as building a strong foundation of belonging through our regular acknowledgement of traditional owners and practising “dadirri” – deep listening.

Our deck area is finally finished and we are working on adapting it to be a usable and inspiring space. It is also giving the children more room to move, allowing for indoor/outdoor experiences and more choice in the different areas that will most benefit their ideas.

Junior Kindy - creating new artworks

Junior Kindy – creating new artworks