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    Kurilpa offers a Qld Gov Kindergarten approved program
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Welcome to the Kurilpa Nursery!

In the Nursery Room we run an age-appropriate, play-based program that gives the children time to explore, investigate and discover at their own pace. It is an individually tailored program fostering play and learning both indoors and outdoors. We work alongside families to ensure routines are replicated as closely to the home environment as possible.

Our philosophy in the Nursery Room is a collaborative process, working together with parents, communicating information about their child’s needs and development. Combined with our knowledge and understanding of children, we act as a guide and facilitator to enhance each child’s learning through play in a relaxed and holistic environment. We believe each child is unique, and it is important that they feel valued, cared for, and able to maintain a sense of security. Independence is encouraged, and relating positively to others is highly valued for developing a healthy self-confidence and sense of belonging in our broader community.

Further information about the care and education of our Nursery children can be found in  Education and Wellbeing.

We look forward to working alongside you and your family during your time with us in the Nursery Room.

Age: 6 weeks – 2 years
Max: 8 children
Staff: Lead Educator
Bring: 6 nappies (cloth/disposable) – daily
2 complete changes of clothes
Wide brimmed hat
Drink bottle/cup
Breastmilk/pre-made milk (everyday as required).  Please ensure labelled and dated
Small blanket (winter)
PLEASE NOTE: This routine is flexible and adapted to needs, weather, illness or general changes to the children’s routine. During times of transition or to return calm to the room we sing songs or dance to some music.
7.30am As children from all groups arrive to the centre, they start their day in the Nursery or Toddler room, moving to their own rooms as more children and educators arrive. Indoor and outdoor activities are promoted at this time.
9.00am By now children from other groups have gone and we are starting nappy changes and morning tea. After which we apply sunscreen if needed. The day from here depends on everyone’s care and play needs.
9.30am Indoor / Outdoor play and continuation of nappy changes.
10.45am We often have lunch around now, but lunch is served around children’s sleep needs and we often have several settings.
12.00pm Nappies are changed again and then we head off to bed for a sleep. Sleeping times vary and we follow the children’s needs. Quiet activities (eg reading, puzzles etc) are encouraged after rest. This is also a good time for focused cuddles.
2.00pm Afternoon tea is served from now onwards as the children wake up, nappies are changed and are ready to eat. Sunscreen is applied for outdoor play.
3.30pm Around this time towards the end of the year we join with the Toddler Group to build familiarity with the toddler space. Nappies are done again around 4.00pm or when necessary.
5.00pm We come inside and have a cracker. Then Nursery and Toddler groups join the other rooms for relaxing activities until all children are picked up

Before starting at Kurilpa we encourage children to visit us at least four to six times before their first day in the Nursery. This is an important time for both the child and parents, as they become familiar with our environments, routines and staff. It is a lovely way to build relationships with the educators and the other children in a relaxed way. We believe at Kurilpa, especially for the Nursery Room, that a smooth and slow transition will ease them into their new routine.

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