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    Kurilpa offers a Qld Gov Kindergarten approved program
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Education & The Program

All Kurilpa rooms implement a program that is play-based and will foster each child’s development by providing a diverse range of activities in the indoor and outdoor environments. The program fosters each child’s physical development, language and literacy skills, personal and interpersonal skills, curiosity, thinking and inquiry, creativity and aesthetic development and each child’s unique perspective of culture and experience.

Learning Situations & the Learning Environment

The program encourages children to participate in a range of learning situations from individual activities, through to small group projects and activities that include the entire group. The team supports children’s learning by encouraging them to cooperate with peers and adults. Children are encouraged to extend their skills and problem-solving strategies by experiencing appropriate and meaningful challenges within the program. The program is play-based and allows children to develop at their own pace as successful learners.

The program includes the interactions that take place between the team, families and children. These should be characterised by mutual respect, responsiveness and warmth. Children, families and the team should all feel welcome and included in this environment.

The program includes the physical environment. The team creates a space that is well-organised and designed to stimulate a sense of creativity and aesthetic awareness.

The program includes the daily routine. The team creates a routine that reflects children’s need to rest, eat, and play. During each day there are times for children to interact with their peers, or seek time out by themselves. There are a range of active and passive activities for children to choose between. The team plan their day so that transitions between activities are handled sensitively and children are not rushed.

Child & Room Journals

We document learning at Kurilpa in a variety of ways. Each child has their own personal journal and these books are designed to make children’s learning visible. In the journals you can find such things as:

  • individual and group observations across the curriculum areas;
  • stories;
  • projects;
  • information about the program and what is developmentally appropriate;
  • as well as samples of your child’s work.

Each room has a room journal that communicates what’s happening within the program and for the group as a whole. Reading this each day will give you an overview of the learning that is occurring and it’s also a great starting point for talking about what happened that day with your child. You will also see from time to time journals around specific topics that the whole centre may be focusing on. Such as a Professional Development Journal as we prepare for action research, or our Connections Journal which documents the stories of children visiting each other in different rooms.

Information about the Program, Philosophy and Goals are available throughout the centre. Please feel free to ask for further information if needed.

Excursions / Incursions

The team plan enjoyable and educational outings and excursions for the children from time to time to support the learning within the program and for enjoyment. When the children are going on a planned excursion from the centre you will receive notification and an excursion form will need to be signed. Team members are not permitted to take a child beyond the centre’s premises without written permission from a parent or guardian.

Throughout the year Kurilpa will also have a number of different groups visit the centre to perform different activities. No written permission is needed for these incursions however all families are informed when groups come out and what activities their children will be involved in.

Cost for excursions and incursions will be billed to your family account.

Behaviour Management Policy

Our Behaviour Management Policy aims to teach the children positive behaviours and have an understanding of how their actions affect themselves and those around them. Team members use strategies to help prevent negative behaviour occurring and use positive strategies to promote desirable behaviour. More information can be found in our Behaviour Management policy – please contact the office to view a copy of this policy. More information about all of the centre’s policies can be found at Centre Policies.