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    Kurilpa offers a Qld Gov Kindergarten approved program
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Welcome to the Kurilpa Toddler room!

In the Toddler room, we believe each child is unique and special and it is important that they feel valued, cared-for and have a sense of security from those around them. By taking observations and interacting with the children, we act as a guide or facilitator to enhance their learning and development through play.

The Toddler community is where self help and self confident skills shine! We highly value our Toddler children’s abilities and believe in fostering their sense of achievement through supporting all challenges they may face. Through observation and conversation we are able to provide a unique program where the environment is valued and used as the third teacher.  We firmly believe in cultivating a strong connection with nature, spending as much time as possible in our amazing back yard and local community. Through developing each child’s sense of self, we are able to support their continuing journey on the road to understanding who they are, what they can accomplish and who they might become. We believe in creating a learning community that encompasses all opportunities and input from Kurilpa, home and the wider environment.

Further information about the care and education of our Toddler children can be found in  Education and Wellbeing.

We look forward to working alongside you and your family during your time with us in the Toddler Room.

Age:  2 – 3 years
Max: 15 children
Staff: Lead Educator
Bring: – A clearly labelled water bottle (this is to be taken home each night to clean and refill). The drink box usually lives on a shelf in the room toward the verandah door.
– A clearly labelled hat (Kurilpa hats are available for purchase through the office). These are also to go home once a week for washing. All hats are to be hung on the pegs out on our verandah.
– A bag containing your child’s sheets (a comforter blanket in winter) for use while at Kurilpa. These are to be taken home once a week for washing. There is a basket near the kitchenette doors to keep them.
– A bag containing your child’s spare clothes (four pairs), nappies (at least six a day), underwear for toilet training (6-8 pairs). All items must be placed within your child’s locker, their bag stowed in the labelled cupboard underneath the lockers in the bathroom.
Our routine is entirely flexible to children’s needs/interests, weather conditions and special occasions, and is reflected on and reviewed regularly.
7.30am Combined with Nursery
8.30am Transition from Nursery to Toddlers yard
9.00am Begin to offer morning tea
9.30am Toileting begins.  Free Play.
10.45am Begin to pack up both indoor and outdoor environments
10.50am Engage in acknowledgement and wellbeing session
11.00am Children are invited to wash their hands and sit down in the dining space for community lunch
11.30am Nappy changing.  Free Play.
11.45am Children are invited one by one to head inside and have toileting done and assisted to have a rest.
12.15pm  All children should be on their beds resting.
1.45pm Children start waking.
2.00pm Nappy changing.  Reading time or quiet experiences as all children wake.
2.30pm Children are invited to have a picnic afternoon tea.
3.30pm Play time inside or outside.
4.00pm Last nappy changing and toileting time.  Children checked regularly until collected.
4.15pm Snack time on the infamous Kurilpa Crackers.
4.30pm Then Nursery and Toddler groups join the other rooms for relaxing activities until all children are picked up.

We highly value the orientation process in the Toddler room as a time for both you and your child to feel comfortable within our Kurilpa community. We recommend between four to eight visits before your official Kurilpa start date. Beginning with an hour either at the beginning of the day’s program (9.30 – 11.30am) or in the afternoon (3.30 – 4.30pm). These initial sessions will build up to leaving your child to confidently explore on their own for a short visit, whilst you make use of our Staff Room to be on hand if reassurance is needed. Then, when you and your child are confident and ready, Toddler life at Kurilpa can begin! We do recommend the first week of your child’s enrolled days at Kurilpa be a short session (8.00am – 3.00pm, 9.00am – 4.00pm) to ensure your child feels confident in their Kurilpa routine.


In the Toddler room, it could be said our main focus areas lie in self-help and big developmental milestone achievements! Yes, we’re the toilet training room. We are happy to go at your child’s pace, building their confidence and celebrating achievements large and small. We’re also the room where the beginnings of self-help skills really start to emerge, from making or unmaking our beds at rest time to setting the table at lunch – all types of small tasks help us gain a sense of achievement and help us feel proud of our roles and place within the Kurilpa environment.

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