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    Kurilpa offers a Qld Gov Kindergarten approved program
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Management Committee

Kurilpa is operated by an incorporated association and managed by a Management Committee of parent volunteers. The Management Committee delegates the day-to-day operation of Kurilpa to its employees but oversees the overall operation of the centre in areas such as budgeting, policy, recruitment etc – similar to a Board of Directors. The Management Committee meets formally with the Director and Assistant Director at least monthly.

The AGM is held at the beginning of the year and all parents are welcome. It is an opportunity to air your views, meet other parents and to learn about any changes that may be occurring at Kurilpa. At various times during the year, a role on the Management Committee may become vacant and an election is held annually to re-elect the positions. A great advantage of direct parent input and management is that Kurilpa’s direction is shaped and operational decisions are made by its community and families for its community and families. We encourage each family to become a member of the association at the time of enrolment.

Please remember that the essence of Kurilpa, and a large part of its unique identity and culture, stems directly from contributions made in many different ways, small and large, by volunteers. Being on the Management Committee is a great way to support the centre that your child attends.

The Centre Director or the President of the Management Committee welcome the opportunity to discuss any questions further that you may have.