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    Kurilpa offers a Qld Gov Kindergarten approved program
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Centre Policies

The centre has a number of policy statements which meet requirements for Education and Care Services National Regulations and National Quality Standards, and to ensure the daily operations of the centre is efficient and of the highest possible standard. These policies have been devised by the Director, Management Committee and Policy Sub-Committee in consultation with the team and families. The full policy documents are kept in a folder on display in the foyer. If you would like to review any of these in more detail or give feedback, please contact the Director or Management Committee.

Policy Statement List

SECTION 1 – Children and Enrolment Procedures

Behaviour management
Behaviour management strategies
Inclusion of children with additional needs
Child protection
Enrolment and orientation
Authority to collect
Family Court policy
Communication – families and team
Priority of access and waitlist
Excursions – adult/child ratios in centre-based services
Rest/relaxation in early childhood services
Diversity and non-discrimination


SECTION 2 – Centre

Evacuation and emergency
Personal items
Fencing and gate requirements


SECTION 3 – Finances

Financial policy
Fee procedures
Jobs, education and training (JET)
Overdue fees


SECTION 4 – Management

Guidelines for handling grievances and conflicts/disputes
Confidentiality and privacy
Professional development and staff benefits
Performance planning and review
Qualifications of team members in community centres
Recruitment and selection of team members
Governance and management
Code of conduct


SECTION 5 – Food and Hygiene

Food handling
Managing and catering for children with food allergies and intolerances
Minimising the use of harsh chemicals in early childhood services
Nappy change and toilet training procedure
Cleaning procedure


SECTION 6 – Medical

Illness and exclusion
Medical conditions
Administration of medication
Anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction)
Needle stick injury
Disposal of used syringes
Oral health
Jet lag
Diabetic management plan


SECTION 7 – Incidents

Procedures to be followed in the event of the death of a child in a centre-based service
Action in the event of an injury or adverse incident
Procedure for illness, injury, trauma and illness


SECTION 8 – Workplace Health and Safety

Children’s learning environment
Protective clothing
Water safety policy
Keeping animals in early childhood settings


SECTION 9 – Program, Staff and Volunteers

Active play
Educator interactions with children
Quality of care
Relieving staff
Students and volunteers in early childhood environments
Screen based media
Team members
Excursions – adult/child ratios in centre-based care