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Resting outdoors

children sleeping outside

In our decision to stretch our days out from a short half-day to a full 6 hour day, we had to consider the logistics of how exactly we would manage “rest time”. Where would they sleep? On what? And what would sleeping outside mean for their opportunity to fully rest?

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Tools with young kids

rock tool

When we first began running forest school sessions there was (understandably!) a fair bit of concern from our families surrounding our inclusion of real tools in our outdoor program. Over time, however, this attitude has completely turned around and now our parents are not only comfortable with the use, but big advocates of the benefits if offers their children.

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Moving to full days

attending forest school

Following a successful year of running forest school sessions and ensuring all our children had the opportunity to attend, we reflected on the journey thus far and on our feelings as a team about what we could do to improve the experience for the children. Our overwhelming conclusion was that there just was never enough time and it impacted many aspects of the program and children’s opportunities to deeply integrate the learning they had begun.

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Toddler - sustainability

One of the major parts of our learning environments for the Toddlers is our garden. We’ve successfully grown a few sorts of vegetables this year, including our bumper crop of cabbages we have just started to pick from the seeds that were sown in March! Taking …

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Science week

Toddler - science week

Our visit from Dr Lucy, a Scientist at the University of Queensland,  – Nat in Junior Kindy’s daughter – and her experiments with “where do burps come from” sparked a new line of interest for our Toddlers! We’ve explored explosions with chemicals, colour mixing and are …

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Dinosaur rock

Toddler - dinosaur rock

Term Two saw an increased interest in all things DINOSAUR with the Toddlers experimenting with social play, learning fun facts about ancient creatures and even a trip out to the Museum with some of our family volunteers! We worked really hard as a team to create …

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Garden and Worm Farm

Veranda Garden and Worm Farm 1

This month we have been revamping our Junior Kindy veranda garden and worm farm! With some new natives and herbs, Nikki and some Junior Kindy children set to work adding soil, making holes, planting then adding mulch to keep the moisture in. In our interactive native …

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Sushi Train

Sushi Train

The Sushi Train was a child initiated experience which began when a child spoke about a family dining experience. After some interest was shown, Nat and the children decided to make a Kurilpa Sushi Train. Firstly, we brainstormed the children’s questions and ideas… “How can we …

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From Seed to Table

A regular feature in the Toddler program is learning more about the green world in which we live. The Toddler’s take part in planting seeds, helping to care for them with water, pulling weeds and eventually taste testing our wares within food we cook for our …

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Community Exploration

April was the end of our first term learning project – CONNECTIONS – which saw the Toddlers out and about in the West End Community on an excursion to our favourite local park (and home to Kurilpa’s end of year party), Lyon’s Park. It was a …

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